FREE Styling & Fizz @ Vegas Vintage

It's that time of year when our inbox fills with notes on new trends and new collections. It can be quite daunting, especially if over the last couple of years you've relaxed/hidden away in joggers and oversized sweatshirts.

We hear you, it's the annual spring/summer fashion identity crisis. Which is why we're here to lend a helping hand, with our FREE 'Styling & Fizz' sessions. 

Our aim is to help people make personal style choices that reflect their personality rather than force a seasonal trend.

Go your own way!


Shopping habits have changed and we see a definite impact on peoples shopping choices, more conscious, more thoughtful and more sustainable.

One thing for sure it's all about what you love and what makes you feel good.

As we move into spring/summer, the stores become full of lighter fabrics and brighter colours. It's beautiful to see, however, the stripping away of layers and darker colours, can make some people feel vulnerable. It's easy to feel a bit lost as you pull out last years wardrobe and worry about revealing winter white arms, legs and feet. 


The perfect solution 

Grab your bestie, book a styling session with us and then indulge in scrumptious lunch at the Dial House. Plus, because we love you, we'll throw in a free glass of bubbles. 

The sessions are designed around you and most importantly - having fun.

Sarah - Manager of Vegas Vintage

"I will walk you through the rails and pick looks that suit you. You might be looking for casual day wear or have a special occasion coming up. We have some fabulous preloved designer and vintage threads to suit all shapes and sizes. My job is to help you look and feel fabulous! 

Book your styling session via email - and we can also help arrange your lunch booking too.


Ps. don't forget, if you book a night at the Dialhouse, you can try (before you buy) in the luxury of your own eclectic room!