Is Designer Clothing Worth the Money?


Why Designer? 

While some people shop for designer clothing for the name, for us, it’s all about cost per wear.  

We don’t do seasons (that’s for sheep) and won’t be telling you what to wear. Seasonal fashion seems wasteful and outdated to us.  We like to dress for enjoyment and not for a fashion house. 

Because they're made so well

We believe in investing in stuff you love and that suits you. The luxury brands are ideal for this because they’re made incredibly well, meaning they will last longer, be kinder to your body shape and also, because you’ll buy less, the planet benefits too. And anyway, what’s more annoying than a bobbly jumper?

You should expect a pair of designer heels to be able to last decade worth of parties; you can also expect a decent luxury handbag to outlive YOU - be sure that you can pass your well worn Louis Vuitton handbag to the next generation one day if they want it. 

The quality means you can wait to buy used designer clothing

We just say let someone else buy it new, and then you can enjoy the glory a while later but without the hefty price tag!

We only buy what we love and enjoy hunting hard for immaculate pieces, clever cuts and genius designs. We buy and sell vintage and luxury designer because they fit together perfectly, creating an affordable and eclectic look. You can be confident that you’ll love it forever and it will last even longer.

Buying second hand is better for the environment

We also think it’s vital to consider our own impact on planet earth: the way we shop for clothes, as well as food and homeware can make an important difference. For that reason you won’t find any throw away or ‘fast’ fashion items at Vegas Vintage. 

There are a million reasons why someone might part with a beautiful classic car, dress or handbag, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. It's just time for it to find a new home, in your wardrobe.

And FYI, ‘classic’ DEFINITELY doesn’t have to mean plain...