Guest Blog living with colour - Ginger Natalie

Guest Blog living with colour - Ginger Natalie 
We just love a guest blog and I invited Natalie a local fashion and lifestyle blogger in Norfolk to chat about what clothes mean to her and where it all started,
Natalie adores colour and has a fun, energetic way of dressing and its clear to see from her Instagram following that Natalie inspires so many.
Below a perfect colourful combination from Vegas Vintage Natalie rocks our bejewelled Dolce & Gabbana crop denim jacket and D & G green sequin dress.
I am Natalie, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Norfolk that just adores colour.
However colourful an item is, it can never be too colourful. Ever! I have always loved clothes for as long as I can remember.
It was when I hit my college years that I began to really enjoy shopping, finding bargains, looking for items that no one else would be wearing. I wanted to be different which is when I fell in love with vintage, charity shops and independent designers. 
 I would describe my style  colourful and eclectic. I love wearing items that are outside the box and that stand out. I am not that confident to be honest- which maybe shocking seeming as my job is putting myself out there everyday to be scrutinised but when I wear outlandish colourful outfits I feel one million times more comfortable than if I wore an all black outfit. That is when I feel the most self-conscious. 
When it comes to shopping pre loved, vintage or any shopping at all I have the same approach.
There is nothing worse than the regret of not buying something that you love.  If it doesn't fill you with love and put a smile on your face then you won't reach for it. But someone else out there will so don't stop them from falling in love when it would have just sat in your closet never to see daylight!
Where does your fashion inspiration come from ?
Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere, I love colour so naturally I will spot colour clashes everywhere I go and think, yes, they would look amazing together. My biggest fashion icon has to be Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city. That character is a fashion icon in every sense of the word. She makes everything work she wears it with confidence and each look shows a different side of her personality which is exactly how I feel with my style. Some days I want to dress really feminine and others I want to wear leather leggings and a band tee. Fashion should be an extension of your personality not just clothes. It impacts your mood for the whole of the day so why would you wear something that doesn't make you feel phenomenal !? 
I do feel like sometimes I was born in the wrong era, I love 60's and 70's all the colour, flower power, crazy patterns, amazing cuts. I find a lot of my fashion choices when I shop stem back to that era, the colour palettes, the wacky patterns. It is right up my street! 
When you think about your wardrobe could you pick one favourite item ? I asked Natalie this very question ?
An impossible task. I simply could not pin point just one item. No way! But it would have to be something that would make me feel special or an accessory that elevates an outfit from something super simple to glam. Thinking sequins or feathers. They make me happy so maybe it would be something like that. Or a power suit, I love the feeling a suit gives. The confidence you exude when you wear it is unlike any other feeling when you wear an outfit. See, I told you I am so indecisive that I simply could not pick just one item. NEVER!!
I think Natalie has mastered  dopamine dressing and it shows that adding some colour can really lift your mood.
Vegas vintage is full of colour, sequins, vintage gems and items that will bring pure joy to your wardrobe.
Look forward to seeing you soon x